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Worldwide wagers on sports and other events are accepted by Betwinner BETWINNER.

Only those who are at least 18 years old or the legal age of majority in their state (if that age is more than 18) and who accept the bookmaker's betting rules are eligible to place bets. When this rule is broken, the customer is responsible.

The following people are not permitted to place bets: - those who are under the age of 18 at the time of placement; - those who directly participate in the events being bet on (such as athletes, coaches, referees, club owners or management, or other people who have the power to affect the outcome of the event), as well as anyone acting on their behalf; - those who represent other bookmakers; - those who are forbidden from entering certain countries.

The violator of Sections 4, 5, of this Agreement shall be held accountable. The Betwinner maintains the right to refuse to pay any wins or to refund stakes, as well as to cancel any bets, should these Rules be broken. When the Betwinner learns that a consumer fits into one of the aforementioned categories, they are not responsible for that customer. This means that the Betwinner will have the right to take the aforementioned actions whenever they become aware that the customer is a person who qualifies as described above.

The right to use the Website (including any or all of the products made available through the Website) may be restricted for sanctioned nations like Iran, North Korea, Syria, and others, and may be unlawful in some countries (such as, for example, the United Kingdom). The availability of Betwinner  Website in such a nation and/or jurisdiction, or the ability for it to be displayed in one of those nations' official languages, cannot be taken into account as official authorization or legal justification for using Betwinner  Website, making deposits into your account, or withdrawing winnings. The Website's accessibility does not imply that it contains any suggestions, calls to action, or invitations to engage in betting, gambling, or any other form of gambling in a location where such conduct is prohibited.

You are in charge of assessing whether your use of the Website and/or access to it complies with applicable local laws, and you represent to us that doing so does so in a way that is legal in the country in which you live. You must ensure that your actions are lawful in the country in which you reside before registering an account or using Betwinner  website. Additionally, you affirm and concur that you sought legal counsel before to registering on Betwinner  website.

We reserve the right to close your account and refund any remaining amount on your account at the time of closure if Betwinner learn that you reside in a nation where using Betwinner  website is prohibited (after the deduction of any winnings credited after your most recent deposit was made).

Customers who violate these Rules may have their bets rejected by the bookmaker.

The Betwinner retains the power to decline any person's wager without providing a justification.

Based on the information provided by the processing center, all wagers must be resolved.

Following the date of the current event's official publishing on the bet slip, winnings must be paid to the bettor within 30 (thirty) calendar days.

Within 30 (thirty) calendar days of the event's date mentioned on the bet slip, winning bet slips may be paid out.

The bettor must verify the accuracy of the winnings after getting returns. If the bettor disputes the profits, they must notify the Betwinner in writing, including their account number, the date, time, event, stake, selection, odds, and the specifics of their disagreement. You have ten (10) days to file any winnings-related claims. For Cyber-Live games, all bet calculation claims must be submitted within 72 hours of the game's conclusion.

A wager made by the customer is regarded successful if all of the outcomes indicated therein come to pass.

Odds, handicaps, totals, maximum stake limits, and other betting terms may change after a bet has been placed, but this has no effect on the terms that applied at the time the bet was placed. The customer is required to review all adjustments to the present pre-match markets before entering into an agreement.

Bets on events whose outcome was known when they were placed will be settled at odds of 1.

The parties agree that any disputes shall be resolved by serving a complaint to the opposing party in the event of any disagreement between the customer (contract party) and the Betwinner on any matter pertaining to the observance and fulfillment of a betting arrangement between the customer (contract party) and the bookmaker, including payouts, outcomes, odds, and other important terms of the arrangement (pre-trial procedure).

A party asserting a right infringement must deliver a written complaint to the other party as part of the pre-trial process. When a complaint is served on a bookmaker, it must be sent to the registered office listed in the documents that make up the Betwinner and be accompanied by the appropriate statement from the public register of companies. When a consumer (contract party) is served with a complaint, it must be delivered to their home (or place of stay).

A complaint must be filed within 10 (ten) days of the day the party learned of the breach of their rights or should have known about it. There must be supporting and substantiating documentation with the complaint. Without appropriate justification, the complaint will be returned without being looked into. For Cyber-Live games, all bet calculation claims must be submitted within 72 hours of the game's conclusion.

Bets on eSports Live will only be returned in the event of technical difficulties, unfinished streams, etc., if the event in question does not take place or if bets on it are not settled by the bookmaker.

The Betwinner reserves the right to void such bets if an employee makes a mistake while accepting a bet (e.g., obvious typos on the list of events, odds that are inconsistent with the bet and the betting markets offered, etc.), a bet is accepted in violation of these Rules, or if there are any other indications that the bet is incorrect. Such wager returns will be paid at odds of 1.

If the odds are manifestly incorrect, the wager will be settled using the outcome at the current market's effective odds.

The firm reserves the right to restrict bets on sporting events before the conclusion of an international organization and to void bets if it is shown that an unsportsmanlike game actually took place in the event of suspicions regarding the format of the matches. These wagers are paid out at odds of 1. The administration is not required to give the clients the arguments and conclusions.

If the receiving party does not respond to a complaint within the specified term, the aggrieved party has the right to file a lawsuit; the appropriate court to do so is in the nation where the Betwinner has its registered office.

Customers shall get notice if these Rules are changed. After the given date, the modified Rules will apply to any bets accepted. Previous wagers stand unaltered.

The Customer is in charge of maintaining the privacy of the account number and password they got at registration. All wagers placed with the Betwinner must be accepted. These Rules will apply to any cancelled bets. The Betwinner should be notified if a customer's login information is obtained by a third party, and the customer should update their username, password, and email password to something more secure. You must not divulge to a third party any codes for making cash withdrawals or changing your phone number.

Even if they have been informed that such losses or damages are likely to happen, the Betwinner will never be held accountable to the customer for any incidental, collateral, or indirect losses or damages (including loss of profit).

No bet will be canceled due to a lost connection while getting confirmation of it.

The act of placing a wager demonstrates the customer's acceptance of these betting guidelines.

Only the outcomes announced by the Betwinner shall be used to settle bets and determine prizes. Along with official paperwork from the various sports federations, any complaints regarding the event's results, date, and actual starting time will be taken into consideration.

The Betwinner will not take into account any complaints relating to or resulting from the transliteration (or translation) of a team name, player's last name, or sporting event. The tournament title is just provided for convenience. No stake will be refunded if a tournament title is incorrect.

A consumer who has registered may only have one account. Only one account may be created by a customer per household, address, IP address, credit/debit card, e-wallet, and electronic payment method. Customers and those otherwise connected to them are not permitted to register on the website.

In the event of a second registration (including registration under a different name), or the submission of documents that are false, invalid, or duplicates (including those that have been edited by using any kind of software or graphic editor)

multiple infractions of the betting company's terms and conditions uncertainty regarding the customer's identification or the information they have provided (such as address, credit/debit card information, or other information), etc.

any fraud done by you, someone operating on your behalf, or together with you, including but not limited to: a) rake fraud or refund fraud

b) Using a fraudulent or stolen bank card to make purchases.

c) Any actions you have taken or attempted to take that may reasonably be considered illegal in any applicable jurisdiction, which were done knowingly or with the intent to mislead and/or evade legal restrictions, regardless of whether this action or attempt results in loss or damage to your account. When the customer placed the bet, they had knowledge of the outcome of that event, and the customer was able to influence the outcome of it.

The management of the company is authorized to request, at its discretion, any documentation from the bettor proving their identity or any other information they have provided (such as a passport number or residential address), and to withhold any payments until all such documentation has been verified.

The management of the company maintains the right to request that the papers be provided by mail or to perform a video conference as part of the identity verification process. The verification process could take up to 72 hours after the documents are received. Within five working days of the conclusion of the video conference, the customer can receive the results. The company is allowed to take any reasonable actions, including but not limited to canceling all bets and suspending all transactions during their investigation, and to move forward with full account verification once all documents necessary for the verification process have been requested, if it is determined that the data that was provided is not valid.

A barred account is one that hasn't been used for three months. Please notify Security Service if an account has been blocked.

No existing customer may register again as a new one (under a new name, with a new email address, etc.). The administration reserves the right to void any bets placed from such an account should evidence of re-registration (for example, under a different name), provision of someone else's documents, or use of invalid or false documents (including documents altered using image processing software) emerge. The administration maintains the right to void the Customer's bets if they refuse to submit to verification. Additionally, throughout the duration of the investigation, the administration reserves the right to restrict such an account (from being re-registered). On the customer's request, the Betwinner administration may grant a specific exception.

If the Betwinner determines that a bettor had knowledge of the outcome of the corresponding event when placing the bet, the bettor was able to influence the outcome due to their participation in the game (sportspeople, coaches, referees, etc.), or because they acted on behalf of participants, or bets were placed by a group of bettors acting jointly (as a group), the Betwinner reserves the right to immediately close a betting account and void any bet

In the aforementioned situations, customer account balances will be returned upon the conclusion of an investigation. Any erroneous profits made must be subtracted from the balance when computing it. When a gambler deposits or withdraws money from their BetWinner account, the Betwinner has the right to not reimburse them for any service fees levied by the payment system.

The Betwinner reserves the right to conduct a video conference on Skype in order to authenticate the Customer's identity due to the rising number of fraudulent acts, such as numerous registrations and customer violations of the betting regulations.

The bookmaker's Security Service is permitted to request any documentation from the bettor substantiating their identity or other submitted data at the bookmaker's sole discretion and to cancel any payments until all such details are verified if the bookmaker's Security Service has any doubts about the bettor's identity or their personal details (address, credit or debit card, other data). Verification may take up to 72 hours after receiving the required paperwork. The Betwinner is allowed to cancel all bets, halt all transactions for an indeterminate amount of time, and then carry out a thorough account verification if it is established that the given data is fraudulent. The betting company is permitted to ask that the documents be supplied through postal mail. The Betwinner retains the right to demand any paperwork needed for this kind of verification.

The account holder attests that any actions taken on the account were made by them. If a third party manages the account, the account holder is solely responsible for controlling access to the account.

The Betwinner retains the right to modify these Rules at any moment and to include additional clauses. Immediately following their publication on the website, these new regulations or changes shall apply.

What is a problem with gambling?

Gambling addiction is linked to mental health disorders like sadness, anxiety, and suicide. They can harm a family's dynamics, impede academic and professional advancement, and even result in financial ruin and criminal activity.

Instead of being a means of making money, gambling is an enjoyable past time.

A stimulating and entertaining past time is gambling. Unfortunately, engaging in such activities occasionally may lead to issues. Betwinner look out for Betwinner  clients and make every effort to ensure safe and responsible use of Betwinner  website. Betwinner responsibly market Betwinner  goods and services and won't specifically target children or vulnerable individuals.

juvenile gambling Minors (those under the age of 18) are not permitted to wager with Betwinner  firm. To avoid breaking this guideline, Betwinner take every preventative measure. Betwinner promise that none of the content in Betwinner  sponsorships, marketing initiatives, or commercials is directed at children.

preventing gambling addiction. No advertising campaign or promotion deceives users or misrepresents the nature of the services to bettors who might be vulnerable to it. Customers are made aware of both the potential hazards and their odds of winning. The quality of the services is determined by the fee, and excessive spending is not recommended.

Please respond to the following inquiries. You probably have a gambling issue if you answer "yes" to every inquiry:

Do you engage in impulsive spending?

Are you stealing or borrowing money to gamble?

Have you observed a decrease in your time spent with your family?

Do you take negatively the opinions of others about your online gambling?

Have your hobbies or regular leisure activities lost their appeal to you?

Do your gaming failures make you feel unhappy or even suicidal?

Have you ever made up a story to hide how much money or time you spent gambling?

Admitting you have an addiction and working to overcome it are never too late. Betwinner cherish Betwinner  customers, and Betwinner will never encourage this sickness to worsen.

Please read the following information to reduce your chance of being addicted to gambling:

Do not consider gaming to be your primary source of revenue; establish spending caps. Please refrain from gambling if you are: depressed; under the influence of alcohol or any other substance; or do not want to exceed these restrictions.

Use only funds that you can afford to lose when you gamble.

Try not to chase your losses.

Customers of BETWINNER are advised of both the chances of winning and the possible repercussions and hazards of losing.

Our clients can choose to exclude themselves.

If you need assistance, kindly contact customer service. You may also utilize the Self-restriction option.

With prompt, methodical advice that is also tracked, Betwinner help players who may have gambling addictions. Betwinner keep an eye on every request.

We provide a voluntary self-exclusion option for users who want to impose limits on their gambling. With this service, you can close your account or limit your gaming for one of the following times: one month, six months, or a year. Your account will be terminated as soon as you self-exclude, and it won't reopen until the chosen time period has passed. After the self-exclusion time has passed, you can resume using any Services by getting in touch with Customer Support.

Before the self-exclusion period has completed, you can ask that the restrictions be lifted from your account; nevertheless, the Company will make the final call.

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