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INDIBET Overview

The best place to wager on cricket is INDIBET. On the Cricketbook, take advantage of thrilling cricket markets and aggressive cricket odds. Play the best live online casino games round-the-clock. Additionally, INDIBET's sports betting exchange offers enormous liquidity across thousands of sports markets. For your favorite sporting events, like those in the English Premier League, Kabaddi, and tennis, INDIBET offers up-to-the-minute odds to back and lay. For the greatest odds, finest experience, and best games, try INDIBET today.

INDIBET Social responsibility and responsible gaming

Because Indibet at Eight Star are committed to encouraging responsible gambling and are aware of the potential social, emotional, and financial effects that gaming may have on some users, Indibet take this responsibility very seriously. Indibet are concerned that, as a valued customer, you take a socially responsible approach to your gaming. In order to achieve this, Indibet provide you the self-exclusion alternatives listed below.

How is self-exclusion beneficial to me?

Customers who self-exclude can take a break from gaming with Eight Star and seek support from several aid organizations, such gamcare ( For your convenience, Indibet have included the names of these organizations below.

How can I unsubscribe myself from INDIBET service?

By getting in touch with Indibet customer service department or your agent, you can make your first self-exclusion request.

All clients may self-exclude for a minimum of six months (and a maximum of five years) at first, with the option to extend it. By getting in touch with Indibet customer support staff or your agent, you can ask to have your account exempt from self-exclusion. You can continue to self-exclude for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 5 years after your original self-exclusion period has ended. You can ask for a self-exclusion period extension by getting in touch with Indibet customer support staff.

Your self-exclusion agreement cannot be cancelled during the self-exclusion time, and you won't be able to access your account.

When Indibet receive your request for a self-exclusion, we'll see to it that any money is refunded to you and that all of your accounts with us are closed in accordance with your wishes. Prior to self-exclusion, all wagers will be invalid.

Please be aware that while Indibet make every effort to carry out your request as quickly as is practically possible, this process does require a considerable amount of time to complete. Indibet make every effort to ensure that any new accounts you might try to open while you're excluded are either not opened or, if they are, are closed down right away. It is your responsibility to get in touch with us right away and let us know if you discover that you can still use any of Indibet services in spite of the aforementioned restrictions. If you are able to continue gambling using any of Indibet products or services or if you continue gambling on a third party's Indibet or property, Eight Star will not be liable to you or any third party.

Eight Star advises self-exclusion from all other gaming and betting activities you partake in, whether they are land-based or remote, for your personal protection and to ensure complete control over your gambling behavior.

INDIBET Policy on Cookies and Privacy

1. Initialization

• 1.1.This document outlines Eight Star B.V.'s (hereafter referred to as "Eight Star," "we," "us," and "our") privacy policy.

• 1.2.Eight Star manages and controls the website, which is referred to as "the Website" and the "Services" in the following.

• 1.3.This privacy and cookie policy explains how Indibet will use and maintain any personal data that you give us or that Indibet obtain from you.

• 1.4.For account administration, marketing, and to meet legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements, Indibet may process and keep information about you in an electronic database or manual format, including but not limited to personal data as defined in the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

2. Assent to the Privacy and Cookie Statement

• 2.1.You confirm your acceptance of Indibet Privacy and Cookie Policy and give us, Indibet staff, affiliates, subsidiaries, suppliers, and agents permission to use your personal data by sending us your information via mail, phone, or email, registering with us, or accessing the Indibet via a computer, mobile phone, or other handheld internet-enabled device, or any other device.

• 2.2.Please carefully read this policy to ensure that you are aware of Indibet principles, viewpoints, and policies regarding the collection, storage, processing, use, and transfer, where appropriate, of personal information.

3. Modifications to this Privacy and Cookie Policy • 3.1. Indibet retain the right to make any required modifications to this Privacy and Cookie Policy at any time. Upon Indibet posting a new version of the policy on the website, any such modification shall be legally enforceable and take effect immediately. The modified Privacy and Cookie Policy's effective date will be noted on the document. The policy was most recently revised on September 1, 2020. Please constantly check the Indibet for updates to this policy.

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