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You may watch Smartcric live cricket streaming regardless of regional or territorial constraints because it is one of the live streaming services that spreads the fastest in the world.

View Smartcric Using a VPN

Although Smartcric is readily available everywhere, if you are still having trouble utilizing Smartcric, you can use a VPN for Smartcric. The best VPNs for streaming live cricket matches are listed here, and you may use any of them to watch matches wherever you are.


Intelligent Schedule

Test between Pakistan and New Zealand Live

Following a pause, the New Zealand tour of Pakistan will resume after New Zealand postponed the last visit. According to the announced timetable, the first test match would begin on December 26, 2022, in Karachi. On smartcric, cricket fans can watch live cricket action from New Zealand's tour of Pakistan.

Bengal vs. India

India is making a long-awaited visit to Bangladesh, and both teams will play the three ODIs and tests according to the declared schedule. The first ODI in the series will be played on December 4, 2022, for both teams. The India vs. Bangladesh series is available for free live streaming on smartcric to all cricket enthusiasts.

Live coverage of the Australia-West Indies Test Series

West Indies would seek to restore some of their glory during their forthcoming trip of Australia after being eliminated from the T20 World Cup 2022. According to the published schedule, both sides will participate in two test matches. Live streaming of both of the series' tests will be available on the Smart cric app. Check out the match preview for Australia vs. West Indies.

Live Streaming of the 2023 Indian Premier League

Unfree IPL Cricket fans can now watch the finest t20 cricket tournaments, including the IPL, from the palm of their palms thanks to live streaming on smartcric. They do not need to spend all day sitting on the couch.

They have the chance to unwind and watch gripping cricket matches virtually anywhere thanks to Smartcric.

Live Stream of Pakistan Super League 2023 at Smartcric

The PSL is currently one of the best T20 cricket competitions in the globe. According to the PSL schedule given by PCB, the 2023 edition of the PSL is scheduled to begin on January 27, 2022.

PSL 2023 will feature all 34 games. Free live streaming of the 2023 PSL is offered by smartcric. Simply sign into Smartcric on your device to watch the Pakistan Super League 2023 for free.

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