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Sports betting exchange community SATSport247 is fueled by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to giving value to SATSport247 consumers.

Betting at SATSport247

We actively promote innovative thinking so that SATSport247 may always enhance and improve SATSport247 goods. SATSport247 mission is to offer the greatest platform possible so that SATSport247 users can enjoy the best possible online gaming.

By concentrating on SATSport247 liquidity, one market and sport at a time, SATSport247 wish to expand SATSport247 community. Before adding any more markets, SATSport247 make sure SATSport247 have a critical mass and the strongest price and liquidity offer in the sector.

We are steadfastly committed to low margin, big volume betting, and SATSport247 want to keep up the market disruption while putting the needs of the client first.

SATSport247 Regulations & Rules

Self-matching and "Passing of monies" of any kind are not permitted on SATSport247. Any users caught engaging in such activities will have their accounts locked and their money refunded. It must be noted that SATSport247 reserves the right to void any wagers of this sort at any moment within the first week after the wager is placed on an account participating in such activities.

When there is little liquidity, any self-matching (punching) bets on underdog teams will be nullified, regardless of whether the player's account is in the red for the game. The upline will be held liable for this.

Please be aware that SATSport247 maintains the right to void any wager of this sort within the account, regardless of when the bet was placed, if any account has been locked due to "Passing of monies" within the last 72 hours.

SATSport247 will not consider any arguments or claims in the aforementioned context, and its judgment is binding.

SATSport247 strives to have SATSport247 services available around-the-clock. However, SATSport247 will not be responsible for any market positions that any account holders may hold owing to any technical problem or interruption of services from SATSport247 supplier ( retains the right to move or nullify any market for factors such a provider's technically delayed suspension. In any situation, SATSport247 will resolve the matter in accordance with

If someone is caught checking in from the same IP address with two distinct IDs, their winnings across both accounts will be void.

Any bets that are deemed suspicious, including bets made from the stadium or from a source there, may be canceled at any moment. SATSport247 will still have the last say on whether to cancel the specific bet in question or the entire market. SATSport247 will make the final determination of whether wagers are suspicious, and that determination will be complete and binding.

Sharpening, commission-making, Court Siding (Ghaobaazi on commentary), Matching (Passing of cash), and other forms of betting fraud are not permitted on SATSport247. If any SATSport247 User is discovered engaging in such behavior, all monies associated with that account will be frozen and confiscated. The administration of SATSport247 will have the ultimate say, and no objections or claims in that situation will be considered.

If a profit is booked in a short period of time, SATSport247 has the right to invalidate that wager.

It is against the law to look for or pursue flukes in SATSport247; all such bets will be refunded. Cricket commentary is merely an extra service and feature for SATSport247 users, and SATSport247 is not liable for any errors or delays in the commentary.

Members are not allowed to have more than one account. Having an account on any affiliated websites using the same platform as this site falls under this. The Site reserves the right to cancel bets from accounts found to be exceeding these restrictions by using multiple accounts across this and any other affiliated sites where maximum bet or maximum market limits are applied.

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